One Crowded Hour

A Pirate of the Land

(ss) The Strand Magazine, Aug 1911 (25 Jul), vol. 42, # 248, p123-131, ill. H. M. Brock (5);

First Edition: NY: R. Harold Paget, 9 Sep 1911, 19(1)pp, ;

Reprinted in: San Francisco Call, Vol. 110, # 172, 19 Nov 1911, p5-6, ill. J. N. Marchand (2);

Collections: Danger! and Other Stories; Tales of Pirates and Blue Water; The Dealings of Captain Sharkey and Other Tales of Pirates;

The Conan Doyle Stories;

Author's Editions: Vol. 12, The Stark Munro Letters. Danger! Other Stories, The Crowborough Edition, 1930;

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